Bejeweled Multiplayer Reviews

Wireless Gaming Review

"Demivision and Jamdat have created a mobile version of Bejeweled that is better than the original. Multiplayer Bejeweled is closer to realizing the gaming potential of the mobile phone than any other title available."
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GameSpot Mobile

"Demivision and Jamdat have given millions of Bejeweled fans the world around cause to celebrate. Bejeweled Multiplayer is more than just a masterful mobile port; its multiplayer functionality is second to none and will keep any puzzle fan coming back for more."
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IGN Wireless

"Bejeweled Multiplayer is one of those games that must be played to be believed -- and we cannot recommend you make with the downloading soon enough. Bejeweled is making a very serious run for Tetris, and Bejeweled Multiplayer may just cement the puzzlers status as best-ever in my book."
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"A beautiful, miniaturized, multiplayer version of the engrossing PC classic. Bejeweled is the gold standard for mobile puzzle games, and you can utterly destroy your opponent from any place in the country."
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Maxim Online

"You’ll drain hours of battery life on this mind-torquing (yet still fun), Tetris-like puzzler."
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GameSpot Mobile- Introduction to Wireless Gaming

"The first game to truly make good on mobile's promise of multiplayer delight was Bejeweled Multiplayer, Jamdat's update to its successful offline version of the Popcap classic. BM (how undeserving it is of that crude acronym) remains the only game reviewed by WGR to receive a 10. Although it is now several months old--ancient by mobile gaming standards--it remains the benchmark for a quality, online experience."
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IGN Wireless- Reader Review

"My husband and I play this daily. Awesome. Need some serious players online! Play us if you think you can win!!!! The graphics are great depending on what type of phone you own. Fast paced game."
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